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Question: What is the Logic Pro Key Command for going into Record?

Answer: The R key on your computer keyboard.

If the Record Key Command is not currently assigned to the R key in your Key Commands, press the Option key and the K key together to open the Key Commands Window, in the upper right corner search field type in the word ‘record’

Record Key Command Search2

Click on the Record Key Command in the list on the left side of the Key Commands window to select it,

Record Key Command in list

then click on the Learn by Key Label button to turn it on:

Record Key Command Learn

Then press the R key on your computer keyboard to assign the Record Key Command to that key. Then close the Key Commands window.

To set Logic Pro to use the Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcut for recording, follow the above steps, but assign the Record Key Command to the combination of the Command Key and Space bar:

Record Key Command Reassign3

The Record Key Command starts Logic Pro recording on the currently record-enabled track or tracks.

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